23 May 2016

Workshop on Biological Nitrogen Fixation in soybean

Participants at BNF Worshop at INTA Oliveros

INTA and IPNI organized a workshop for researchers and industry staff at the Experimental Station of INTA at Oliveros (Santa Fe). The objective of the workshop was to discuss N nutrition of soybean under the new developments on BNF research and its implication for N balances at the field and regional level. Main proposals for future research include:

  • Network on BNF determination under contrasting management and environmental conditions
  • Review and specific field evaluation of roots contribution
  • Update on review of BNF in soybean (Salvagiotti et al., 2008)
  • Common protocol for BNF determinations in WG field experiments at US and Argentina

Image id: IPNI2016FGA04-1051
Participants at BNF Worshop at INTA Oliveros

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