07 Apr 2015

The Importance of Lios

a stop-motion short about the importance of soil
Still from The Importance of Lios

The Importance of Lios is the story of a young earthworm named Lios who longs to know his place in the world. He spends most days alone in his room, reading books. Here he learns of many things but what he loves most is animals. Large, powerful animals that walk the earth above him. Lios feels unimportant, forgotten about in the soil, while larger animals like dogs and horses star in movies above ground.
However, his sadness has not gone unnoticed. His father, Toor, has been watching for quite some time. Toor wants so badly to show his son that earthworms are important too, especially the soil around them. He takes his son on a journey where Lios learns just how important their ecosystem is and that without it, there could be no life on Earth.

In promotion of the International Year of Soils, IPNI has partnered with Masters Candidates of The University of Georgia Dramatic Media Program to produce this short film.



Dominique Edwards, Dramatic Media Masters Candidate: set and props, graphic design, directing, puppets, animation, editing
Katie Gregg, Dramatic Media Masters Candidate: puppets, sound design, lighting, animation, photography, editing
Danielle Edwards: story, set and props, graphic design, directing, editing, animation
Jenny Brewer: illustrations
Asher Payne: voiceover talent

Please send inquiries to IPNI Editor, Gavin Sulewski