Activities for children

IPNI offers a series of publications for young children that are designed to help develop an understanding of the link between healthy soils, our food, and agriculture as a whole.

During the International Year of Soils, IPNI has a special offer to all educators. Mention the promotional code IYOS2015 for Kids to our Circulation Manager (e-mail:; phone: 770-825-8084) and receive the first 20 items of your choice free of charge (shipping costs will be applied to the order). For a complete listing see our Children's Catalog listing.

Note: Orders must be received directly by our Circulation Manager either by e-mail or phone. No purchase is required to qualify for this special promotion. This is offer is valid until publication supplies last.

Fun with the Plant Nutrient Team
This 24 page activity book features nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K), the major plant nutrients, as characters in a variety of activities such as dot-to-dot, word puzzles, coloring, mazes, matching pictures, and experiments. 

Understanding the Major Nutrients
These three booklets were created to develop an understanding and knowledge of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium and their vital role in our environment and crop production. The 24 page full color illustrated booklets can be used separately or together for a complete unit on the three major plant nutrients.

It’s All about the Food is a teaching resource that contains exciting lessons for middle grade students (fifth through eighth grades); the emphases in each lesson are on problem solving and critical thinking.