IPNI Program Report 2016 (Digital Edition) [click cover below]

IPNI is a small organization. We have 32 Ph.D. level scientists and 30 support staff covering 13 program areas. We do not have laboratories, greenhouses, field equipment, or research facilities, nor are we affiliated with a university or college, but we are recognized and respected as a research and education institute. We have a mandate to develop and promote scientific information about the responsible management of plant nutrition.

One of our goals is to provide collaborative leadership development on global plant nutrition development issues. We accomplish this by our worldwide presence and developing alliances with strategic partners. Our scientists actively participate in their national professional organizations and scientific societies, and often hold leadership positions within those organizations. This type of participation gives us a voice and allows us to provide direction and influence. It provides our partners exposure to and familiarity with the fertilizer industry and the challenges we face as we strive to do our part in supporting global food security and nutrient stewardship.

Collaborative Research Connections 2015-16

We have a vast network of academics and professionals that we interact with. We work to cultivate their friendship, their collaboration, and their respect. In so doing, they become our advocates in their organizations, in their communities, and in the public as they have opportunities to discuss the role and challenges of fertilizers in global food security, sustainability, and climate smart agriculture.These connections allow IPNI to expand our efforts and leverage our resources.

This year our Program Report provides a selection of short video highlights from just a few examples of our regional collaborations across the world.

Terry L. Roberts, Ph.D.
President, International Plant Nutrition Institute