20 Dec 2011

IPNI Staff at 2011 ASA/CSSA/SSSA Meetings

ASA-CSSA-SSSA Presentations by IPNI Staff
October 16 to 19 | San Antonio, TX

The following are the titles and other information on presentations by IPNI Staff during the sessions in San Antonio. Check back for details to be posted after the meeting at this website: http://info.ipni.net/2011ASA


Soil Test Calibration Research and Recommendations: Framing the Issues and Funding for the Future Paul E. Fixen and T. Scott Murrell
Session 149-8 - 4:15 PM, Room 214C, Concourse Level

Fixen & Murrell - Framing Issues and Funding.pdfFixen & Murrell - Framing Issues and Funding.pdf

Phosphorus Determination In Long-Term No-Tillage Rotation Study Catherine Fleming, Mark Reiter, Rory Maguire, Jason Warren, Steve Phillips
Session 127-12 - 2:00 PM-4:00 PM, Hall C, Street Level


Nitrogen Management to Help Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Clifford Snyder, Thomas Bruulsema, Thomas Jensen, Paul E. Fixen, Adrian Johnston
Session 253-2 - 8:30 AM, Room 211, Concourse Level

Snyder - N mgmt to reduce GHGs.pdfSnyder - N mgmt to reduce GHGs.pdf

Preparing for Intensification Paul E. Fixen
Session 180-3 - 8:55 AM, Room 207B, Concourse Level

Fixen - Preparing for Intensification.pdfFixen - Preparing for Intensification.pdf

Nitrous Oxide Emissions From Crop Nitrogen Applications In Eastern Canada Thomas Bruulsema, Philippe Rochette, Onil Bergeron
Session 288-5 - 9:05 AM, Room 210A, Concourse Level

Bruulsema - Nitrous Oxide Emissions.pdfBruulsema - Nitrous Oxide Emissions.pdf

Phosphorus Indices and the 590 Revision: Why We Need to Take Stock of How We Are Doing? Andrew Sharpley, Douglas Beegle, Carl Bolster, Laura Good, Brad Joern, Quirine Ketterings, John Lory, Robert Mikkelsen, Deanna Osmond, Peter Vadas
Session 206-1 - 9:05 AM, Room 217A, Concourse Level

Flat-Bed Scanner Rhizotrons for Demonstrating Root Development As a Classroom Lab Experience Jared Williams and Robert Mikkelsen
Session 199-10 - 10:30 AM, Room 007A, River Level

Nitrogen Fertilizer Recovery of Wheat under Elevated Carbon Dioxide and Supplementary Irrigation in Southern Australia Shu Kee Lam, Rob Norton, Roger Armstrong, Deli Chen
Session 255-1 - 1:05 PM, Room 213B, Concourse Level

Searching for Integrated Field Diagnosis Procedures for Mexican Farmers Armando Tasistro Souto
Session 214-1 - 1:20 PM, Room 007C, River Level

Soil Potassium Dynamics in Mollisolls of the Argentine Pampas Adrian Correndo, Ignacio Ciampitti, Gerardo Rubio, and Fernando Garcia
Session 256-19 - 1:20 PM-3:20 PM, Hall C, Street Level

Reducing Nitrous Oxide Emissions through Improved Nitrogen Stewardship: Balancing Crop Production Management and Environmental Protection Clifford Snyder, P.E. Fixen, A.M. Johnston
Session 173-10 - 2:00 PM-4:00 PM, Hall C, Street Level

Snyder - Reducing N2O Emissions.pdfSnyder - Reducing N2O Emissions.pdf


Ecological Intensification of Maize Production in the Brazilian Cerrado Luis Prochnow, Eros A. Francisco, Aildson P. Duarte, Valter Casarin
Session 359-3 - 8:35 AM, Room 212A, Concourse Level

Prochnow - Intensification of Maize.pdfProchnow - Intensification of Maize.pdf

Sulfur in Australian Agriculture and New Fertilizer Technologies Michael McLaughlin, Robert Norton, Babasola Ajiboye, Sam Stacey, Fien Degryse
Session 383-2 - 8:55 AM, Room 214B, Concourse Level

Fertilizer Use and Sustainable Crop Production In China Jiyun Jin
Session 359-9 - 10:20 AM, Room 212A, Concourse Level

Jin - Fert Use China.pdfJin - Fert Use China.pdf

Growth and Nitrogen Fixation of Two Soybean Cultivars under Elevated Carbon Dioxide In Semi-Arid Region of Northern China Shu Kee Lam, Xingyu Hao, Erda Lin, Xue Han, Rob Norton, Arvin Mosier, Saman Seneweera, Deli Chen
Session 314-4 - 10:50 AM, Hilton Palacio del Rio, Corte Real DEF, Concourse Level

International Perspective of Private Sector Role In R&D and Other Deliverables to Achieve Global Food Security Paul E. Fixen
Session 325-8 - 10:50 AM, Ballroom C-2, Ballroom Level

Fixen - International Persp.pdfFixen - International Persp.pdf

Nitrogen Fertilizer Production and Technology Robert Mikkelsen and William Stewart
Session 387-1 - 1:35 PM Room 213B, Concourse Level

Rob - N Fert Prodn & Tech.pdfRob - N Fert Prodn & Tech.pdf

N2O, CO2 and CH4 Fluxes under Elevated CO2 from Wheat Cropping System in Semi-Arid Environment in Southern Australia and Northern China Shu Kee Lam, Rob Norton, Roger Armstrong and Deli Chen
Session 356-8 - 2:00 PM-4:00 PM, Hall C, Street Level

Estimating a Two Nutrient Yield Response Surface From University Extension Information T. Scott Murrell
Session 363-1 - 2:00 PM-4:00 PM, Hall C, Street Level