Thursday, March 2 (8:15 am – 6:00 pm)
7:15 am Continental Breakfast
Nitrogen Management Impacts on Water Quality & Conservation

    • Jorge Delgado (USDA-ARS) ― Effect of management on nitrogen budgets and implications for air, soil, and water quality
    • Nat Dellavalle (Dellavalle Lab) ― Nitrogen management in a regulated environment
    • Colin Campbell (Meter Group) ― Soil water and plant canopy sensor technologies to optimize water and nutrient use
    • Troy Bauder and Erik Wardle (Colorado State Univ.) ― Extension and interagency cooperation to improve nitrogen management for water quality protection
    • Bryan Hopkins and Neil Hansen (Brigham Young Univ.) ― Case studies of nitrogen and water management crop production systems

Concurrent Session A: Groundwater Protection; a CCA session
    • Tim Hartz (UC Davis) ― N budgeting and groundwater protection
    • Daniel Geisseler (UC Davis) ― Estimating non-fertilizer N contributions
    • Mike Cahn (UC Coop. Ext.) ― Irrigation effects on N availability
    • Sat Darshan S Khalsa (UC Davis) ― Budgeting for tree crops
    • Tim Hartz (UC Davis) ― What does the future hold?

Concurrent Session B: Nutrient Use Efficiency
    • Kevin Bronson (USDA-ARS) ― Nitrous oxide emissions: Assessment and mitigation in irrigated cotton in the Western USA
    • Roger Ondoua (Montana State Univ.) ― Crop genetic variability for nutrient use efficiency: Biological foundation and case of spring wheat
    • Cliff Snyder (IPNI) ― Nutrient use efficiency, with emphasis on nitrogen
    • William Pan (Washington State Univ.) ― Canola water and nitrogen use efficiency
    • Eric Bremer (Western Ag) ― Nutrient lessons from long-term cropping system studies

Friday, March 3 (8:00 am – 12:00 noon)
7:00 am Continental Breakfast
Concurrent Session C: Nitrogen Management Tools and Tests; a CCA session
    • Keith Backman (Dellavalle Lab) ― Nitrogen soil test interpretations
    • Charles Shapiro (Univ. of Nebraska) ― Deep soil nitrate test results for corn fertilizer recommendations and recent N use efficiency findings in Nebraska
    • Brook Gale (USDA-NRCS) ― Test driving a new NRCS nutrient budget calculator for nutrient management planning in California
    • Charles Sanchez (Univ. of Arizona) ― N management tools for desert vegetables
    • Ken Greer (Western Ag) ― Application of resin membranes for nitrate testing in the Western US
    • Christopher Rogers (Univ. of Idaho) ― Evaluation of Soil Tests for Potentially Mineralizable Soil Nitrogen in Snake River Plain Soils of Idaho
    • Amber Moore and Aaron Heinrich (Univ. of Idaho and Oregon State Univ.) ― Recent findings on N transformations in Idaho and Oregon soils

Concurrent Session D: Soil Health/Quality
    • Steve Shafer (Soil Health Institute) ― Sustaining agriculture and the environment through healthy soils
    • Doug Karlen (USDA-ARS) ― Evolution and utilization of the SMAF for soil health assessments
    • Jennifer Kucera (USDA-NRCS) ― Soil health from an indicator standpoint
    • April Leytem (USDA-ARS) ― The performance of the Haney test in irrigated calcareous soils
    • Jonathan Deenik (Univ. of Hawaii) ― Diagnostic capabilities of the Solvita CO2 in assessing management effects on soil biological activity
    • Jim Ippolito (Colorado State Univ.) ― Soil Management Assessment Framework use for identifying soil quality changes in irrigated agriculture

    WNMC17 Agenda.pdfWNMC17 Agenda.pdf