19 Sep 2013

Stewardship Specifics

New Publication from IPNI

September 19, 2013 – Norcross, Georgia, U.S. – The International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI) has released a new serial publication entitled Stewardship Specifics.

Stewardship Specifics are condensed, one-page bulletins providing scientific reviews of issues impacted by nutrient stewardship. Stewardship Specifics are written by IPNI staff and are intended to provide balanced assessments of current and emerging topics related to nutrient use, crop production, and environmental protection.

Consumers, students, agronomists, farmers, policy-makers, and all who are interested in the role of nutrient stewardship will find this series an informative, easy to read reference on the diverse range of issues facing agriculture. The current list of topics includes:

1. Crop Plants Take Up (Absorb) Nutrients in Inorganic Form
2. Organic or Inorganic: Which Nutrient Source is Better for Plants?
3. Crop Fertilization Improves Soil Quality
4. Nutrient Balance: Critical to Crop Production and Environmental Protection
5. Nutrient Balance Can Be Achieved Using Both Inorganic and Organic Sources
6. Nutrient Use and Beneficial Soil Organisms
7. Crop Fertilization and Heavy Metal Accumulation in Soils
8. Crop Fertilization and Water Quality
9. Managing Nitrogen to Meet Crop Demands while Protecting Water
10. Phosphorus Fertilization and Environmental Protection
11. Crop Production and Environmental Protection
12. Human Health and the Use of Animal Manure in Crop Production
13. Ag-lime...It’s Good for the Environment
14. Crop Fertilization and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
15. Crop Fertilization Helps Stabilize Carbon in the Soil
16. Does Fertilizer Harm Soil Microbes?
17. Soil Nitrate and Leaching
18. Managing Manure to Protect the Environment from Contaminants−an Emerging Issue

You may download each of these bulletins from http://www.ipni.net/stewardship

Other publications from IPNI can be viewed on-line at
http://www.ipni.net/publications or through our catalog at http://www.ipni.net/catalog
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