Nutrient Deficiency Photos

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This collection provides hundreds of images of nutrient deficiency for many of the world's major crops. IPNI would like to thank our contributors; many are agricultural researchers, extension staff, crop scouts, and farmers.

Symptoms of deficiency can vary across crop species, but similarities exist for how nutrient insufficiency impacts plant tissue color and appearance. As the graphic portrays, nutrient deficiencies are commonly associated with the physical location on the plant (i.e., whether the symptoms are primarily observed on older versus newly formed plant tissue), but these symptoms can spread as the severity of the deficiency progresses.

In many cases, visual symptoms can be confused with other underlying problems, including conditions created by an adverse growing environment or a pest or disease infestation. It is advised that crop production specialists become familiar with the typical nutrient deficiency traits for the range of crops commonly grown in their region.

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About our Contributors
IPNI would like to thank our contributors for providing the images used in our collections, who are part of a worldwide network of agricultural researchers, extension staff, field scouts, and farmers.