28 May 2009

Possible Consequences of Cutting Back on K

Possible Consequences of Cutting Back on K
Many growers across North America have faced tough choices on cutting back or even eliminating application of key nutrients, particularly K. Of course, the question of the impact of this decision on crop yields depends on several factors. Soil test level is one of the most important considerations, and weather conditions can also be a key variable. The scientific staff of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI) have prepared a series of regional publications to take a closer look. They emphasize the importance of monitoring field conditions and scouting throughout the growing season. Here are the topics in the series:
  • Keep an Eye on Potassium This Season--Dr. Scott Murrell, Northcentral Region
  • Potassium...Still Important in Bermudagrass Production--Dr. Mike Stewart, Southern and Central Great Plains Region
  • What Are the Consequences of Not Maintaining Soil Potassium?--Dr. Tom Bruulsema, Northeast Region
  • Consequences of Cutting Back on Potassium --Dr. Steve Phillips, Southeast Region

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