20 Oct 2008

IPNI Staff Presentations at the 2008 ASA/SSSA/CSSA

Presentations made by IPNI Staff at the 2008 annual Tri-Societies meetings held in Houston, Texas, in October.

Global Potassium Reserves and Potassium Fertilizer Use
Dr. Terry Roberts (1.4 MB)
    Roberts - ASA Nutrient Cycling Symposium Potash.pdf

Responding to Future Biofuel/Grain Needs - The Role of Geospatial Technologies
Dr. Paul Fixen (1.8 MB)
    Fixen - Geospatial tech and future needs.pdf

Nutrient Cycling in Corn for Bioenergy
Dr. Scott Murrell, Dr. Paul Fixen, and Lance Murrell (784 KB)
    Nutrient Cycling in Corn for Bioenergy.pdf

A Global Framework Connects Fertilizer Management, Science, and Crop Advisers.
Dr. Tom Bruulsema

Evaluating and Updating Fertilizer BMPs in the US
Dr. Harold Reetz (5.1 MB)
    CIG Presentation for 2008 ASA Meetings HFR.pdf