30 Jan 2007

Impact of Rising Nitrogen Prices

Natural gas represents a major portion of the cost of ammonia production, and concern continues about effects on nitrogen (N) fertilizer prices. This web feature was begun in 2003 to provide agronomic information relevant to N cost effects on crop fertilization decisions and management. Articles will be updated and added as conditions develop.

Optimizing Nitrogen Fertilization of Hybrid Canola in Semiarid Regions
How does the price of fertilizer N influence the decision on the optimum rate of N for canola?

Optimizing Nitrogen Fertilizer Applications for Potatoes and White Winter Wheat
With dramatic swings in the cost of nitrogen (N) fertilizer, farmers are taking a closer look at their fertilizer application rates. Regardless of the price of fertilizer, economic principles should be carefully considered when determining how much fertilizer to apply.

Getting the Most from Your 2004 Nitrogen Dollars in the Corn Belt
The increase in prices is causing many farmers to re-evaluate their N plans for 2004, and may lead them to adjust rates or consider changing to a crop that uses less N. The information here is presented to help with those decisions.

Impact of Fertilizer Nitrogen Prices on Spring Wheat Fertilization (Prairie Provinces and Northern Great Plains States)
How does the price of fertilizer N influence the decision on the optimum rate of N applied to a spring wheat crop?

Nitrogen Fertilizer Management of Malting Barley: Impacts of Crop and Fertilizer Nitrogen Prices (Prairie Provinces and Northern Great Plains States)

Nitrogen (N) management of malting barley requires careful attention. On soils with low N supplies, malting barley responds well to N fertilizer, exhibiting increases in yield and protein content.

Adjusting Fertilizer Management for High Nitrogen Prices in Eastern Canada
A cold winter and a spike in natural gas prices have left many producers wondering what will happen to prices and supplies of N fertilizers. What’s the rational response?

Using the Most Profitable Nitrogen Rate in Your Cotton Production System
Farmers, their fertilizer dealers, and crop advisers are considering ways to maintain or improve yields while managing the N rate, source, and timing optimally. Some are trying to determine if cutting back on the N rate will affect economic returns. Research results from across the Cotton Belt consistently show that the optimum N rate is not as affected by N price and cotton price as one might think.

Nitrogen Price and Fertilization Decisions: Examples from the Central Great Plains
Anytime fertilizer prices increase, farmers and ag suppliers begin to wonder how much, if any, to cut back on rates of application. Research has shown over and over again that while fertilizer price affects economic optimum rates of application, the effect is not as great as one might expect. Examples are included for winter wheat and irrigated corn in the central Great Plains.

Impact of Nitrogen Prices on Fertilization Decisions - 2003
With spring planting just around the corner, growers are asking how fertility can be best managed with high N prices and how to get the most out of every pound of N fertilizer applied.(more)

Is Starter Fertilization Profitable?
Is starter fertilization a good idea this year? Low crop prices, higher nitrogen prices, and potentially higher propane and grain drying costs next fall are causing many to question whether or not a starter fertilization program will pay for itself. (more)