K Facts

Plant nutrients are the "foods" which plants require to manufacture (through photosynthesis) the food we eat. Some of the nutrients plants use occur naturally in the soil. However, as the world population grows and more food has to be grown to feed all the people, in many situations the soil cannot supply enough nutrients.

Potassium - my chemical symbol is K (from the Latin and German word "kalium")


Potassium, or potash, is mined from ancient deposits formed as seas and oceans evaporated. Deposits were concentrated through natural processes as the Earth evolved into the planet we inhabit today. In other words, nature recycled K by moving it from land to seas and oceans, then depositing it in salt beds as evaporation occurred. While some potash is produced in New Mexico and from the Great Salt Lake, most of the U.S. supply now comes from western Canada.

Potassium protects our plants against diseases and helps them stay healthy when it is cold or dry.

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